Coming Soon: A Talk with Me on the SAFTAcast

The Sundress Academy for the Arts’ regular podcast series, the SAFTAcast, might not be what you’d expect from an artists’ retreat organization and publishing press. When I sat down earlier this week and chatted with the host, Scott Fynboe, we hardly talked about writing. And that was the point: in their own words, the folks at the SAFTAcast “want to know about the creators, not the creations.” So, for an hour and a half, Scott–who is hilarious, by the way–kept me prattling about my experiences as a new teacher, my obsession with Sailor Moon, and what I drink to get drunk. We did touch on some writing points–it was impossible to avoid–but for the most part, we steered clear…and got ourselves at times into some topics of questionable propriety.

I had a great time chatting with Scott, and I hope you’ll be entertained by our hi jinx. The podcast won’t go live until this coming Wednesday, the 19th, though; so in the meantime, check out these past episodes and all the talented writers and artists featured in them! And a huge thanks to Scott and SAFTA for including me in their ranks.


About imallthaidup

Noh Anothai was named alumnus of the year 2011 by the Thailand-United States Education Foundation (Fulbright Thailand) between 2011-12. During his tenure, he translated programs and hosted cultural events for Thailand's Ministry of Culture and College of Dramatic Arts. He also wrote poems for the My First Book Project, which benefits underprivileged Thai students. An MFA recipient from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, Anothai's translations of Thai poetry have earned him a Pushcart nomination and, in 2014, won the inaugural Gabo Prize for Translation and Multicultural texts. He has work forthcoming in The Raintown Review and Structo journals.
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